Fall Arts Guide 2018

For our Fall Arts Guide, we decided to look at several women who have challenged old habits by founding or taking leading roles within arts institutions. As happens in many ways, and more often than many of us realize, our city is in front. Read more

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In addition to her love of the performing arts, Rachel Sorce brought more than two decades of communications and management experience to her role at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center. Read more

Fall Arts Guide

“It is no small task to launch a symphony,” says Maestra Christine Flasch. “The good news for me is that the finest players in town have happily accepted my invitations to play.” Read more

Fall Arts Guide


Photo credit: Jeff Zmania

With training in dance, theatre, business and finance, Deborah Farris was hired in 2002 as the vulnerable young Danceworks’ first paid executive director. Read more

Fall Arts Guide


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After raising the profile of the Milwaukee Opera Theatre, Jill Anna Ponasik was invited to join the staff of one of the city’s venerable performing arts groups, the Skylight Music Theatre. Read more

Fall Arts Guide

In her teens, Suzan Fete began her career in arts as an actor at Goodman’s Young Artist Studio. She went on to co-found and serve as artistic director of Renaissance Theaterworks, a company dedicated to promoting the work of women. Read more

Fall Arts Guide

May Adrales was no stranger to the Milwaukee Rep before arriving as the company’s associate artistic director in its 2017-2018 season. Read more

Fall Arts Guide