Charli XCX has what it takes to be one of pop’s biggest stars. She’s just not sure if that’s what she wants. more

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“First things first, I’m the realest,” Iggy Azalea declared on her breakout hit “Fancy,” almost begging to be challenged. While Azalea may be real in the literal, Webster’s Dictionary se,Concert Reviews more

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By this point you've either succumbed to Iggy Azalea's summer hit "Fancy," or you're fundamentally put off by the rapper who's looking more and more like 2014's answer to Mackelmore (if Mackelmore were an Australian model who rhymed in a very prac.. more

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Milwaukee’s IfIHadAHiFi churned out feverish hooks and pile-driving noise in equal measure on Fame by Proxy , the 2008 album they recorded with Faraquet’s Devin Ocampo and Paper Chase’s John Congleton. Later this year the more

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