Farley Granger

 Anthony Mann was admitted to the Hollywoodpantheon for directing such acclaimed Jimmy Stewart westerns as Winchester 73 (1950) and The Man from Laramie ( 1955). Duly notedif underappreciated in accounts of his career are the films noir and grit.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Reading Patricia Highsmith’s novel Strangers on a Train in her recently published Selected Novels and Short Stories (W.W. Norton) is a double revelation. We can see how Alfred Hitchcock brilliantly transformed her story into a classic movie tha.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Who would have thought that the ukulele playing funny guy from The Jerk, would turn up mor The Jerk ,Sponsored Events Read more

Around MKE

"We're putting down roots here in Milwaukee," Jeff Tweedy announced Wednesday, a A Ghost Is Born ,Concert Reviews Read more

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