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‘Hobbs & Shaw,’ the new “Fast & Furious” spin-off, has an all-star cast and action sequences rivaling those of comic book films. Read more

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Among the many reasons that Americans hold the House of Representatives in low repute—at historically abysmal levels, in fact—is the blatantly partisan and ideological Read more

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Forever incapable of embarrassment, let alone sober reflection, Karl Rove is very well suited to his current... Read more

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After 98.3's Basement Crew played this track a couple weeks back—damn the "embedding disabled by request" option on YouTube—I finally broke down and got Joe Budden's 2003 debut album. I'm glad I waited until the price dropped to about a dollar on .. Read more

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Nothing about Milwaukee’s Big Fun sounds organic at first listen, from the band’s choppy, whirling beats to the omnipresent, blippy synths. Repeated listens, however, reveal that there’s ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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