Father Phoenix

Like most bands, Space Raft is the product of a score for a shelved low-budget horror movie, an insomnia-induced list of puns and members from some of the state’s renowned rock acts joining forces. Read more

Local Music

 The opening passage of The Rite of Spring ( LaSacre du Printemps ) suggests the parting of morning mist, revealing a clearingin some primeval forest. It’s a calm prelude to a stormy stretch of music, aballet that triggered the riot b.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Windfall Theatre is looking to cast for a dinner party. The party in question is called Omnium Gatherum. It was written several years ago by Theresa Rebeck and Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros. The premise is simple: a hostess/domestic tycoon in the.. Read more


New shows continue to roll through Milwaukee stages this season. The latest is Ken Morgan’s Square, A Stage Pornography. The independently-produced show stars Joshua Devitt (Corpus Christi) as Thomas Pankrantz—a  man who remains a college jock y.. Read more


Being really strange, new and novel, Youngblood Theatre’s Spirits To Enforce (which opens next week) has been foremost in my mind going into this month, but there are a number of really good plays that have opened in addition to it. Next Act’s Th.. Read more


FM102/1’s fourth annual Big Snow Show concert celebrates the harder endof the Milwaukee alternative radio station’s spectrum. There’s no DeathCab for Cutie this year; instead, the headliners are Breaking Benjamin,the hard-edged po,This W Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Here it is! We are very pleased to announce the 2009 Cascio Groove Garage lineup with our partners Casico Interstate Music and 91.7 WMSE. Read more

Concert Reviews

There are still a whole lot of unknowns right now as Gov. Jim Doyle attempts to craft a state budget that will correct a $5.4 billion deficit and take advantage of some amount of federal stimulus funds. Doyle is slated to give his budget addr.. Read more

Happening Now

The Championship and Father Phoenix are two of the more popular offerings from Milwaukee’s music scene, but aside from that, they don’t have too much in common. The Championship specialize in m,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

How do you define "universal love"? For Milwaukee veteran KT Rusch it means a number of things. First off, it's the name of the band in which she and her band mates mix various reggae and Niger,CD Reviews Read more

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On their 2005 debut album, So Much Drama, Red Knife Lottery shouted out songs about murder So Much Drama ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The Cascio Groove Garage, Summerfest’s all-local stage sponsored by the Shepherd Express and WMSE, gets loud for the day with sets from many of the city’s finest punk and hardcore bands, including Novel (3:45 p.m.), Father Phoenix (4:30 p.m.), Re... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Summerfest haslong prided itself on being the world’s largest music festival, pullingin hundreds of performers from around the globe. But while localmusicians have always had a place on the festival’s crowded lineup, itwas only last year that the... Read more

Happening Now 2 Comments

Republican Supreme Court candidate Michael Gableman has been runningattacks against Justice Louis Butler for the Supreme Court’s decisionin State v. Richard Brown, 2005 WI 29. Inthe Brown case, the majority of the Supreme Court decide.. Read more

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One of Milwaukee’s finest punk bands, Father Phoenix has kept a low profile for much The Bucket List, ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

“Milwaukee is a cover band city,” countless local bands have fumed. It’s a complaint I could never sympathize with, one that seems to stem from resentment more than anything else. There’s a perception that cover bands steal opportunities from “rea.. Read more

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