Faythe Levine

If you’ve been around the local scene long enough, the names in “The Art of Music in Milwaukee” at the Walkers’ Point Center for the Arts are familiar. Even if not, it more

Jul 2, 2014 1:48 AM Visual Arts

It was one of the biggest films of all time. And by virtue of that it was one of the biggest film musicals of all time. There isn't much that I could say about the Sound of Music that hasn't already been said . . . (and said relatively  recently.. more

Dec 25, 2012 12:00 PM Theater

Thursday, March 8, marks International Women's Day. To celebrate the occasion, UW-Milwaukee continues to host events for its spring program titled “Heroines and Hellions.” The program involves numerous events illustrating the famous quot... more

Mar 6, 2012 12:00 AM Visual Arts

What is DIY craft? DIY craft is younger makers who are takingtraditional methods and p HandmadeNation ,Off the Cuff more

Nov 18, 2009 12:00 AM Off the Cuff 2 Comments