The only political conspiracy so far is among Republicans hell-bent on confirming Brett Kavanaugh despite all his sordid baggage and dishonest testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. more

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Who’s more un-American: Russian agents seeks to subvert American democratic institutions or Republican Americans whose actions, pretty much, show that they seek to accomplish the same thing? more

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Although a U.S. District Judge ordered Wisconsin to stop torturing children at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake Schools, Trump and Walker undermine efforts at reforming those facilities. more

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In Anatomy of Terror: From the Death of Bin Laden to the Rise of the Islamic State, Ali Soufan, a bestselling author and Lebanese-born former counterintelligence operative for the FBI, writes in swift journalistic strokes about the leading ... more


President Obama expressed amazement at a recent poll showing more than a third of Trump’s Republican voters had a positive view of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a development he correctly noted would cause Reagan to spin in his grave. more

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FBI Director James Comey’s irresponsible public announcement about new emails relating to Hillary Clinton is the classic definition of a political dirty trick. more

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Black Mass, adapted from a book by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill, is a film based on Whitey Bulger (Johnny Depp), a real-life organized crime leader in South Boston. more

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Days of Rage recounts the little-remembered terrorist campaign by U.S. radical groups in the 1970s. more


One unkind but perfectly understandable human reaction to the state's voters supporting a dishonest... more

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The Milwaukee Bucks face off against the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight at a 7 p.m. Bradley Be Kind Rewind ,Today in Milwaukee more

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