Radio and television news differs from newspapers in that radio and television use the very limited public airwaves, while newspapers are totally private enterprises. The government certainly doesn’t subsidize newsprint Read more

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For years, fair-minded radio listeners have complained about right-wing talkers’ near monopoly on Milwaukee’s airwaves.Listeners were frustrated that their calls weren’t taken; that candidates, elected officials Read more

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Sick of politically unbalanced radio and TV programming that only offers a right-wing point of view? Read more

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Widespread Panic has been playing its swampy jam-rock since the mid-’80s, when there was no organized jam scene for them to lean on. The emergence of jam in the late-’90s as its own genre—,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The blogosphere, and in particular the music blogosphere, was all a titter last week with news that the FCC will require bloggers to disclose whether they received compensation (namely payment or free review samples) in exchange for any reviews th.. Read more

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