The Feast Of Crispian

And Comes Safe Home performance on Thursday September 29th, 2016 at the UWM Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Photo Credit: Sara Stathas

Military veterans combat PTSD with a festival of plays at the Milwaukee Rep. Read more

A&E Feature

U.S. Army veterans, at-risk high school students, dance artists and musicians consider trauma and the chance of healing. Read more


A one-night event at the Milwaukee County War Memorial Center celebrates the artistic achievements of veterans. On Thursday, March 2, from 7-9 p.m., “Veterans Light Up the Arts" features musical and dramatic performances by Milwaukee vet... Read more

Visual Arts

Ahead of Feast of Crispian’s all-veteran production of Julius Caesar, Jim Tasse explains how the Bard can help vets confront their emotions. Read more

Off the Cuff

The Battery Factory, a nonprofit organization that focuses on igniting new performance and visual arts projects and organizations, is currently backing Feast of Crispian (FoC), a nonprofit program that uses Shakespeare plays as a tool to h... Read more


The Feast of Crispian isa fascinating project that pairs theater professionals with U.S. militaryveterans. For the last 18 months, Jim Tasse and his colleagues have beenworking with veterans from the Zablocki V.A. teaching acting techniques wit.. Read more


Sweden’s Basshunter (born Jonas Altberg) gained international recognition in the Eurodance scene with his 2007 album, Now You’re Gone , which spawned his most popular singles so far, including “All I Ever Wanted.” The superst Read more

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