February 2020 Primary Election

We make—and thoroughly explain—our endorsements for mayor of Milwaukee, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, several Milwaukee aldermanic districts and more for the Tuesday, Feb. 18, elections. Read more

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We believe that both Vincent Bobot and Tearman Spencer are strong candidates for the upcoming election in spring 2020 for Milwaukee city attorney. Read more

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With all the years that Dimitrijevic has dedicated to Bay View and the South Side on the Milwaukee County Board, she certainly understands the needs of her community and what needs to be done from the city government perspective. Read more

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We are pleased to see that he has decided to carry his commitment to the community to the next level and run for public office. Burgelis is known for passionately supporting forward-looking causes. Read more

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Fred Royal Jr. photo courtesy of Guyton Photography, LLC

The Shepherd Express endorses both Khalif Rainey and Fred Royal Jr. for alderperson for District 7. Read more

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Hamilton’s hard work on programs to help revitalize the Milwaukee community continues to prove that he is definitely the right person to represent the First Aldermanic District. Read more

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Czarnezki has had a long history of public service representing Milwaukee County as both a Wisconsin state representative, from 1981 to 1983, and a Wisconsin state senator, from 1983 to 1993. Read more

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With a strong history of serving his community, including work with nonprofits, we believe Blomme would be an excellent addition to our judicial bench since he will look at plaintiffs and defendants in their totality, as opposed to the incumbent. Read more

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Milwaukee County Courthouse

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After much deliberation, the Shepherd Express decided not to make an endorsement for this office in the February 18 primary. Read more

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Two of the three candidates would make excellent justices, so the Shepherd Express enthusiastically endorses both Ed Fallone and Jill Karofsky for Wisconsin Supreme Court. Read more

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The mayor has been a steady and incorruptible leader who is loath to highlight his accomplishments, which include making Milwaukee a city with one of the most environmentally progressive governments in America. Read more

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