Female Ejaculation

My husband and I have been toying with me ejaculating off and on for a while, and it finally happened. It’s a strange feeling, and it’s not good or bad, just kind of pressure. The first time, I had a clitoral orgasm and then immediately eja... Read more


Every year, I am part of a panel of “sexperts” at a national college peer education conference. Our goal: to answer as many anonymous sex questions as possible in 60 minutes. We always receive a fair number of questions on the Read more

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There’s a distinctly different feel to each theatre. In Tandem’s 10th Street Theatre has been the home to productions staged by a number of different companies in the past several months. Sitting down to opening night of In Tandem’s Art of Murde.. Read more


As regular readers know, two of the topics that I most frequently answer questions about are the G-spot and female ejaculation. There’s still a lot of mystery and misinformation out there about this area of our anatomy; in fact, I stopped u... Read more

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I am veryinterested in doing this again, and all I know is that this was one of the most I have aquestion about an activity I want to do with my wife of 16 years. Read more

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I make time for anonymous questions at most of the sexuality education programs that I do, How can a girl "squirt" during an orgasm? Is every woman able to squirt? Read more

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