Bouguereau, currently exhibited at the Milwaukee Art Museum, was best known for his paintings of the female body, which Paul Masterson sees as the male gaze. Read more


Historian Joan Marie Johnson explains the importance of philanthropy in the feminist movement and discusses her new book. Read more

Off the Cuff

Rhonda Leet, teacher, child advocate and author of Franny’s Father is a Feminist, will visit Boswell Book Company for an after-school event on May 18. Read more



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Tennis singer Alaina Moore reflects on her band’s banner year, and her (only half-joking) New Year’s resolution to carry herself with the confidence of a mediocre white man. Read more

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The issues the Milwaukee punk band Fox Face address may be depressing, but their music is anything but. Read more

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“Feminism,” running through Feb. 4 at Var Gallery, is a multimedia exhibition inspired by feminism—taking on this complex and provocative subject. More than a dozen local artists, mostly women, are taking part. Read more

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The personal and the political intersect on New Boyz Club’s rousing debut EP. Read more

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Equity touches on a host of issues, social as well as economic. It stars Anna Gunn as Naomi, an executive in the world’s largest investment bank who has hit her head on the glass ceiling—and it hurts. Equity is directed by Meera Menon and w... Read more

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Ani DiFranco indulged her political side at a passionate show at Turner Hall Ballroom Friday night. Read more

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Milwaukee rapper Shay Rowbottom encourages women to embrace their individuality on her debut album “Feminist Rap.” Read more

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Buce Burna

In roller derby, Katie Bricco has discovered confidence that’s carried over to her unlikely day job. Read more

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Portrait Society Gallery (The Marshall Building, 207 E. Buffalo St., suite 526) is a mini-museum of marvels under the guidance of Debra Brehmer, who stretches the portrait theme beyond, and then some, succeeding where Read more

Visual Arts

For 40 years, Martha Wilson has contemplated the personal and cultural implications of feminist theory through photography, performance and video. The Portrait Society Gallery offers an exhibition of the New York-based Read more

Visual Arts

This week, Off the Cuff spoke with Katie Martin, an artist and educator who spearheaded the creation of 724 small owl sculptures for Renaissance Theaterworks’ upcoming production The Road to Mecca, which explores the life Read more

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I didn't get to watch the game since I was at the hockey game in Madison. We listened to the second half in the car. UW led most of the game, though only by a few points at a time.Marquette managed to keep it close and Jerel McNeal was the bigg.. Read more

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  InJune 1998, a Time Magazine articletried to convince readers that feminism was d Time Magazine ,Books Read more