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This year’s festival features 16 francophone films from around the world across nine days at UW-Milwaukee Union Cinema. Read more


The 21st Festival of Films in French runs Feb. 16-25 at the UW-Milwaukee Union Cinema and features the award-winning film by Tunisian writer-director Leyla Bouzid, As I Open My Eyes. Read more

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Nominated for Best Animated Feature at the 2014 Oscars, Ernest & Celestine is a Franco-Belgian production featuring an international cast including Forest Whitaker, Paul Giamatti and the late Lauren Bacall. Read more

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Milwaukee’s 18th Annual Festival of Films in French is a tribute to that cinema culture and its offshoots in the French-speaking world. The two-week event, held at UW-Milwaukee Union Theatre, is a setting for contemporary movies in many sty... Read more

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Optimistic About Shakespeare: The Optimist Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Park held a jocular fundraiser called “Unsphere the Stars” at Turner Hall to raise money for the Bard’s The Winter’s Read more

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French films? Mention them and certain impressions come to mind, whether the breezy insouciance of Breathless or romance on the banks of the Seine—preferably the Left Bank. If nothing else, Polisse explodes some of those preconceptions. The... Read more

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 Novemberis a perilous month on the Great Lakes as gale force winds raise mountains ofwater rivaling any storm on the Atlantic. The bottom of Lake Michigan islittered with shipwrecks. One of the most famous, the schooner Rou.. Read more

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Comedy Contrasts: Theatre Gigante opened its 25th season with a darkly funny Hungarian play, Dust, by György Spiró, at the Kenilworth Studio 508. By contrast, Carte Blanche Studios presented a giggler/slapstickish recreation Read more

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When his credit suddenly goes south, middle-aged Sandy (Jason Bateman) learns his identity has been stolen. He tracks down the culprit 2,000 miles away in Miami. She's Diana (Melissa McCarthy), living high on the hog. The cops have neither ... Read more

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Jean-Louis has lived all his life in the same elegant Paris apartment building, but never ventured up the backstairs to the 6th floor where the Spanish maids live. He’s in for some surprises—some of them pleasant—when he finally steps up. T... Read more

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Founded by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Civilian Conservation Corps was founded nearly 80 years ago. One of the more popular of the New Deal programs, the CCC provided much needed employment to millions of unemployed, firmly establishing an ea.. Read more


The UWM Union Theatre kicks off its annual Festival of Films in French tonight with a screening of the uplifting 2007 drama Conversations with my Gardener . Daniel Auteuil stars as a man who hires a gardener to tend Read more

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An orange represents the world's wealth, a raggedly bearded Leninist tells 9-year-old Anna Blame It on Fidel ,Film Read more

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