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The Marcus Center’s Broadway Series promises to be diverse, engaging with something for everyone, offering a wide selection of musicals with four shows making their Milwaukee debuts. Read more

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The Wizard of Oz lands in the Miller High Life Theatre Dec. 29-31, and the new musical Waitress is served up at Uihlein Hall Jan. 2-7. Read more

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It you want to learn something about songwriting, it makes sense to ask a songwriter. That was the idea behind Paul Zollo’s 1991 Songwriters on Songwriting. In the sequel, More Songwriters on Songwriting, Zollo interviews 45 writers plus Wo... Read more


For Sunset Playhouse’s Fiddler on the Roof, Director Diana Alioto and Choreographer Nancy Visintainer-Armstrong bring together a large ensemble in the service of the beloved story of family patriarch Tevye and his daughters in a small Russi... Read more


When Fiddler on the Roof  opened on Broadway, the tale of Jewish people living in Imperial Russia was only set slightly under six decades in the past. It’s been five decades since then, which means the real-life community that was the insp.. Read more


In the hugely popular musical Fiddler on the Roof, the fiddler himself is a metaphor for survival in a life of uncertainty and imbalance. The story centers on Tevye, the father of five daughters, and his attempts to maintain his family and ... Read more


Tevye, perhaps the world's most famous fictional Jew, lived long before his debut on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof... Read more

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Fiddler On The Roof has instant name recognition. It’s one of the few American musicals that nearly everyone can visualize at the slightest mention of the name. The 47-year-old musical continues to leave an indelible impression on popular consci.. Read more


As March begins, the National Touring production of the classic musical Fiddler on the Roof makes it through Wisconsin for it’s only two engagements prior to it’s mid-June series at the Marcus Center. March 1st, the show graces the stage of UW-.. Read more


Iron and Wine’s Sam Beam is neither the tortured wallflower nor the barefooted naturalist it’s easy to imagine from his records. He shattered those perceptions when he last played the Pabst Theater in 2007, revealing himself to be an unexpe... Read more

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The Musical Box presents A Trick of the Tail on Monday, February 15 at the Pabst at 8pm. The Musical ,Sponsored Events Read more

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Last summer featured two major productions of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream stag A Midsummer Night's Dream ,Theater Read more


The Rolling Stones were named after a song by bluesman Muddy Waters, who also inspired the Yardbirds. It's well known that blues music formed one of the main roots of rock 'n' roll, but the connection has rarely been covered in contemporary... Read more

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