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Newcastle United of the English Premier League and Atlas Football Club of the Mexican Liga MX will participate in a friendly match at Miller Park right here in Milwaukee on Tuesday July, 14th.This is the second time a professional soccer match has.. more

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I started playing soccer at age four because my eight year old brother was playing and I didn’t want to be left out. I played in college and in a women’s league after graduation. I’d still be playing if a second torn MCL didn’t make me realize tha.. more

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Gastropubs, in the form of Hinterland and The Dubliner, have already made their mark in Milwaukee. Now a new movement is afoot with the opening of a “Chili Bar.” The place, aptly named Chili Lili’s, opened in the Third Ward shortly befor more

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Today’s schedule is among the most eclectic at the Cascio Groove Garage, Summerfest’s all-local stage, with a lineup that includes artists as seemingly disparate as The Danglers, a violin-fronted prog-rock trio, at 6 p.m.; Jayme Dawicki and... more

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