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Among the reasons to visit cited in the article, there's Five O'Clock Steakhouse, Harbor House, Bryant's Cocktail Lounge, Edelweiss cruises, Bradford Beach, Summerfest, Milwaukee Art Museum and more. Read more


Five O’Clock Steakhouse has been serving the finest steaks and cocktails in this supper-club style of dining since 1946. Read more

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Enuff Z’Nuff, SACRED, Well-Known Strangers and Dreamhouse will perform. Read more


The Shepherd Express profiles 10 great spots in and around Milwaukee for a trendy ice cream cocktail. Read more


Milwaukee’s Five O’Clock Steakhouse was recently named thenumber one steakhouse in Wisconsin by Tasting Table, a renowned culinarywebsite and newsletter. The ranking puts Five O’Clock in esteemed company withBrooklyn’s famous Peter Luger.. Read more

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The photographs are enticing and the text draws the reader deeper into that “old school is new again” subculture of supper clubs. Writer-photographer Ron Faiola’s Wisconsin Supper Clubs: Another Round is a follow up to his best-selling W... Read more


On May 9, the Five O'Clock Steakhouse (2416 W. State St.) celebrated its 70th anniversary as a supper club with a reception for local celebrities and longtime patrons. A perennial winner in the Shepherd Express Best of Milwaukee contest, the Five .. Read more

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Noteworthy Milwaukee establishments founded in Milwaukee prior to 1980. Read more

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Mid-May brings Big Sean, Booker T. Jones and Surfer Blood to Milwaukee, along with dozens of punk and hardcore bands. Read more

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Milwaukee’s reputation as an especially boozy city is hard earned. Remember that pridefully when you wake up disoriented and dehydrated. A handful of upcoming events mean to solidify this reputation.On Friday, May 8, the iconic Five O’Clock Stea.. Read more

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Two Milwaukee steakhouses were named to OpenTable's Diners' Choice Top 100Steakhouses in America list this week: Five O'Clock Steakhouse and The CapitalGrille. To determine which restaurants made the list, OpenTable, a restaurantreservation web.. Read more

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Coerper’s Five O’Clock Club was the local veteran of steakhouses, founded by the Coerper family in 1948. A few years ago, when ownership changed, the name simplified to the Five O’Clock Steakhouse. But all else remains the Read more

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Ancient Egypt wasn’t the only culture to mummify its dead. Cultures in Asia and South America also produced mummies, and mummified corpses preserved unintentionally by natural means have been discovered throughout Europe. Read more

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Recording under the nom de plume Zola Jesus, Madison’s burgeoning goth icon Nika Roza Danilova has been on a tear over the last couple of years, recording a slew of albums, EPs, 7-inches and side projects, all of which have been eagerly hun... Read more

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Johnny Otis was among the top-selling R&B acts of the 1950s and the author of many hit songs, some of them, such as “Willie and the Hand Jive,” familiar to baby boomer audiences through cover versions in the ’60s and ’70s. A drumme Read more