Flavor Cycle

Peter DiAntoni founded his bicycle food delivery service, Flavor Cycle, in 2012 after reporting on a food delivery service in San Francisco that gave courier jobs to out-of-work bicyclists. His business in Milwaukee follows that model, prov... more

Off the Cuff


Photo courtesy Peter DiAntoni

When thisyear’s winter hit Milwaukee, it hit hard. Businesses were closed during normaloperating hours due to the below zero temperatures, while snow and ice causeddangerous road conditions.OneMilwaukee restaurant delivery service, Flavor Cycl.. more

Around MKE

The U.S. Postal Service isn't the only operation that's been hit hard by digital delivery. For more than a century, bicycle messengers have rushed sensitive documents through downtowns all over the country, but they have seen business... more

Dining Preview

Legislators and the state Department of Children and Families may have gotten positive headlines when creating a law that allows the state to permanently revoke child care provider licenses based on a wide range of offenses.But 2009 Wiscons... more

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