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Flight of the Conchords' return to Milwaukee was more than just an exercise in nostalgia. Read more

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The ReadingThe usual type of crowd had shown-up for the latest Goats & Monkeys reading, It was a mix of different people in the local theatre business. The energy was a bit muted. It was a Monday night reading. A talented group of actors stood .. Read more


Flight of the Conchords took to the stage in homemade robot costumes, grinding to the Daft Funk electro-house of “Too Many Dicks on the Dancefloor,” but within a song the New Zealand comedy duo had taken their rightful stool perches, hav... Read more

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Thursday, April 30 Guster @ Marquette University, 7:30 p.m. ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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I could blame them for not wanting to return, given the cretinous audience at their show here last spring, but the HBO comedy duo Flight of the Conchords are returning on May 2 for two shows at the Riverside, at 7 and 10 p.m. That should give Milw.. Read more

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When 94.5 changed to Lake FM, a redundant, kitchen-sink format that litters Milwaukee's airwaves with additional classic rock, it felt like a big F-you to the city, so it's fitting, then, that the station's commercials literally flip Milwaukee the.. Read more

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When a trained-to-kill Israeli commando switchesprofessions and becomes a You Don’t Mess With the ,Film Read more

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On Thursday May 15, the Express Yourself Milwaukee Show "Celebrate" was indeed a celebration of a year of hard work and collaboration. Over 400 audience members came to support our kids and receive the gift of their talents. It was a day ... Read more

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Agood joke takes time to set up. Comedians can’t just rush the punch line; theyhave to finesse it, tease it. For Flight of the Conchords, the ,Concert Reviews Read more

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Jermaine Clement and Bret McKenzie’s job just got a whole lot harder. Until recently, the two were virtual unknowns depicting an unsuccessful band in HBO’s hilarious comedy series “Flight,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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This week’s odd Billboard album chart deserves a quick glance: 1. E=MC2, Mariah Carey 2. Spirit, Leona Lewis 3. Flight of the Conchords, Flight of the Conchords 4. Bittersweet World, Ashlee Simpson 5. When Life Gives You Lemons... Read more

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State Attorney General J.B. VanHollen put the kibosh on a plan to ask more minority resid What’s your take? Write: ,News Features Read more

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