Florence Foster Jenkins

Florence Foster Jenkins has been delightfully brought back to the stage in the Milwaukee Rep’s production of Souvenir—Stephen Temperley’s charming, hilarious and at times touching recreation of this one-of-a-kind entertainment phenomenon. Read more


Performing Arts Week spotlights shows opening the first week of September, including All-In Productions’ Next to Normal and the Milwaukee Rep’s Souvenir. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

FlorenceFoster Jenkins was a society hostess in 1940s Manhattan, a remnant from an erawhen the Astors and the Vanderbilts rode in carriages along Park Avenue. Shewas a patron, make that a matron, of the arts—a heavily bejewele.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Meryl Streep stars in the title role of an heiress and amateur opera soprano in Florence Foster Jenkins. She marries a former Shakespearean actor (Hugh Grant), who tries to manage her self-financed opera career. The problem is that Jenkins ... Read more

Film Clips

In 2006, Milwaukee-area photographers founded the Coalition of Photographic Arts (CoPA) to “develop appreciation, promote growth and support the creation of photographic arts.” Four years later, their organization has expanded throughout th... Read more

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