Forever Changes by the integrated Los Angeles group called Love was one of the greatest rock albums from the era of great albums. Read more

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Fifty years after its original release, New York’s Sundazed Records has reissued the Milwaukee band’s self-titled album, which holds up solidly as a bridge from the clamor of mid-decade garage punk to the psychedelia that would follow. Read more

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Britain’s long-running folk-rock band, Fairport Convention, released a box-set covering the band’s best years. Come All Ye: The First Ten Years is a well-selected collection of familiar studio tracks, outtakes and illuminating live performa... Read more

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Milwaukee’s Kyle Feerick identifies the music on his second album, Heart, as folk rock, but if that’s the case, the music ain’t what it used to be. Feerick’s tenor singing tops an assortment of acoustic goings-on indebted to folk, but with ... Read more

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The easy-going folk-rock group Ladders became the latest in an ever-growing line of Milwaukee artists to be featured on the music site Daytrotter. The quartet ran through six songs for their leisurely Daytrotter session, including four from their .. Read more

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In their brief time together, Twin Brother have emerged as one of Milwaukee's savviest folk-rock bands, crafting inventive songs that resist both the easy sad-sack tropes of many indie singer-songwriters and the false stomp-and-clap pomp of their .. Read more

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There are so many folk-rock bands kicking around Milwaukee right now that the scene could have easily breached its saturation point, yet so many of these bands continue to carve out space for themselves with truly unique spins on a style that coul.. Read more

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Last year the Milwaukee alt-rock duo Jackraasch quietly broke up, then promptly picked up where they left off. Singer/guitarist Sean Raasch and drummer Tyler Nelson rebranded themselves Twin Brother, adding a third man to the band, bassist Lodewij.. Read more

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Nothing on Zoo Animal’s 2012 release, Departure, could have prepared listeners for an incredibly economical and powerful set of classic guitar rock-inspired tunes. The recording is a new direction,Concert Reviews Read more

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A graduate of the Isaac Brock/Conor Oberst school of vocal instability, singer-songwriter Myles Coyne has gigged relentlessly around Riverwest over the last couple years, since finding a choice outlet for his nervous energy with in his backing Rus.. Read more

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Not many Milwaukee area musicians are able to earn a living and tour the country as full-time singer-songwriters. And exactly one of them has managed to do so without a left arm. Read more

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As Ghost of James, Wisconsin songwriter Paul Smirl plays pretty, vaguely tortured folk-rock, but not quite the kind of pretty, vaguely tortured folk-rock that the state is known for. Smirl’s rustic tunes are cut from a heavier swath of flannel tha.. Read more

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Every Monday night at the Jazz Estate, singer-songwriter Marc Ballini, mandolinist Ryan Ogburn and guitarist Craig Baumann present an informal, free evening of music at the Jazz Estate. The residency has changed markedly since its Read more

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America’s love affair with blue-eyed soul singer Taylor Hicks ended pretty much the moment he won the fifth season of the most popular show on television, “American Idol,” and to the surprise of pretty much nobody, Hicks was unable Read more

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Terry Teachout’s previous biographical subjects are George Balanchine and H. L. Mencken, so it’s a boon to Louis Armstrong fans that Teachout chose the great man for this new life story. Pops: A Life of Louis Armstrong (Houghton Mifflin Har... Read more


Taking their name from David Lynch’s most frightening “Twin Peaks” creation, Brooklyn’s Killer BOB plays Blue Note Records-styled jazz punctuated by avant bursts of Deerhoof-styled guitar spazz and accents of Rage Against the Machi Read more

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100 S. Baldwin, Suite 303, Madison, Wis., 53703; (608) 663-5005; ,Eat/Drink Read more

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The best moments from the ’dudes, who open with aliteral crack of thunder before se Street Symphony ,CD Reviews Read more

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,Summerfest Concert Reviews Read more

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