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Day trippers have no excuse to be bored as the weather warms: Within two hours of Milwaukee are several good reasons to hit the road for a quick rendezvous that won’t flatten the wallet. Read more

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Like some of the albums it most recalls—Codeine’s Frigid Stars, Galaxie 500’s On Fire—Township’s debut LP has a way of making time stand still. Read more

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In a list of the drunkest citiesin America, Wisconsin had seven in the top ten and five more in the top 20. Imean, we really kicked some serious ass… Maybe a little too much ass. Somemight say excessive use of alcohol is a bad thing.  T.. Read more


I clap my hands as H2Bro takes the stage, but in an instant myapplause is drowned out by the hollers and shrieks of the fans of “Wisconsin’smost hydrated cover band.” Brothers Willy and Billy McHydro pose withcharismatic smirks behin.. Read more


Because the loudest critics of education don’t really like either teachers or kids very much, those two groups usually receive the most condemnation for the failings of our Read more

Taking Liberties

You’ll find a lot of genre tags on Worn , the debut EP from the Fond du Lac band Township: alternative, indie, rock, pop punk, grunge, etc. And none of them are inaccurate, per se, but all of them bury the lede, because make no bones about it, thi.. Read more

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Beata Lieders saw a lack of art programming in Fond du Lac County for teens, specifically at-risk teens, and in 2011 she decided to create an Open Art Studio program where kids could come Read more


About an hour north of Milwaukee a couple set up shop on an unassuming side street off the city's main drag to share the husband's legacy of hearty Italian recipes. Their restaurant, Bellafini’s Trattoria, was a highlight Read more

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Although Elvis Costello long ago lost his knack for knocking listeners off their feet, his lyrical skill has never diminished and the scope of his stylistic ambition has only grown. Some of the best moments on his new album come courtesy of... Read more

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At 77, Willie Nelson’s legacy is well cemented, but Nelson keeps recording like he still owes the IRS back taxes. In the last half decade or so, he’s released a high-profile country-reggae album; a tribute album to legendary songwriter Cind... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

A clear conscience has a powerful effect on the palate. Sobelman’s Tallgrass Grill makes big, juicy burgers with beef from the Tallgrass Beef Co. Unlike cattle raised on a traditional feedlot, where they’re kept in pens and fed grain, Tallg... Read more

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Controversial Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke barely made it through the Democratic primary in September and now faces the Republican candidate for Milwaukee County sheriff, Steven Duckhorn, on the Nov. 2 ballot. Duckhorn is a 16-year... Read more

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The Milwaukee rep has assembled some of its finest actors for its production of Conor McPherson’s contemporary drama The Seafarer , the tale of four Irishmen who play poker with the devil. Lee Ernst plays Sharky, an alcoholic Read more

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Recent research in the B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy mayshed light on why B.E. ,Chuck Shepherd's News of the Weird Read more

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I had the good fortune to speak with the AFL-CIO’s Ana Avendano before she spoke at Voces de la Frontera’s “Reaching for the American Dream” gala last night. Avendano is the assistant to the AFL-CIO’s president on immigration and community a.. Read more

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