Homelessness is a reality for thousands of people in Wisconsin. Across the state, local governments, shelters and outreach organizations work to meet the complex needs of this population. Read more

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Heal the Hood MKE is a series of neighborhood events launched back 2012 by founder-lead organizer Ajamou Butler to provide support for kids and families; their next block parties take place July 29 and Aug. 25-26. Read more

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The federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), known as FoodShare in Wisconsin, has successfully fed millions who would have gone without and boosted the nation’s economy when it was needed most. That was before Republicans l... Read more

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Pope Francis, living wage, minimum wage, David Bowen, Milwaukee County, Center on Wisconsin Strategy, COWS, UW-Milwaukee, fast food, service industry, health care, income inequality, Medicaid, BadgerCare, FoodShare, Earned Income Tax Credit... Read more

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More than half of all front-line fast food workers earn so little that they are enrolled in one or more public assistance programs such as Medicaid, food assistance or the Read more

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The movement is led from the top by the healthy foods initiative of First Lady Michelle Obama and from Milwaukee by Will Allen, founder of Growing Power, named by Time Read more

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Absolutely no one in the state should be surprised that Republican Gov. Scott Walker's mismanagement of Wisconsin's FoodShare program is bringing threats that the state could lose more than $20 million in federal funds. Read more

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