Footlights Performing Arts Award

With a VIP pre-party, red-carpet reception, awards ceremony and after party event, Footlights recognizes artistic accomplishment in our area. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

Upcoming in the Milwaukee performing arts scene are an instalment of Florentine Opera’s At the Center Series, various family friendly offerings at SummerStage, the Footlights 2018 People’s Choice Awards and Patrick Schmitz’ Katelyn’s Wasteland. Read more

Performing Arts Weekly

The first annual Footlights Performing Arts Awards for Greater Milwaukeeceremony took place on June 22, 2017, at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater’sQuadracci Powerhouse. The well-run, efficiently produced event followed thefamiliar template of lo.. Read more

Happening Now

The FootlightsPerforming Arts Awards recently announced plans to divide each of the 16award categories into two groups: professional and non-professional due to alarge number of nominations and votes. “The main objective of the awards .. Read more

Happening Now

Flat vocals and droning guitars lend to The Magnolias’ brat-punk charms, similar to those of vintage Buzzcocks and pre-Dookie Green Day. Spawned from the Twin Cities’ fertile ’80s music scene, The Magnolias never found the same success o Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Blue Valentine garnered loads of buzz over the battle for its rating. Somehow, despite frontal nudity and graphic sex, its handlers managed to win an R instead of the dreaded NC-17. It must be said that the naked parts of Blue Valentine are... Read more

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