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The Shepherd has long advocated for a sensible, compassionate drug policy that includes legal medical marijuana for those seeking relief from a serious medical or behavioral health condition. Read more

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While Milwaukee’s mainstream media largely fawns over Scott Walker and his run for the White House, other Wisconsinites are producing contrary messages. Veteran Racine artist Jerry Belland’s br,Books Read more

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The documentary Merchants of Doubt surveys the history of fraudulent corporate science, starting with tobacco and “fire-retardant” fabric laced with toxins and ineffective against flames, but the main topic is global climate change. Read more

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That should be an easy question to answer. Right? The executiveresidence in Maple Bluff, in suburban Madison. Or maybe not. He’s got a homein Wauwatosa, which he bought when he was Milwaukee County executive. Aquick check of his voting re.. Read more

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President John F. Kennedy warned emerging foreign leaders about turning to political tyranny, saying: “Those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside. Read more

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Let's state this very simply, so everybody will understand. The notion that Barack Obama is "Nixonian"—or that his administration's recent troubles bear any Read more

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Hearing so much chatter about "change" in the Republican Party, the innocent voter might believe that the Republicans had learned important lessons from their stinging electoral defeat. On closer examination Read more

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Even modern political conventions, which are often little more than highly scripted party infomercials... Read more

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Forever incapable of embarrassment, let alone sober reflection, Karl Rove is very well suited to his current... Read more

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What is most striking about the showdown over contraceptive freedom is not the political victory... Read more

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If the footage of Rand Paul supporters stomping on a woman’s head has made you lose all hope, here’s something to brighten your mood. Last night, a crew from Fox Newsthe national crowd, not the local Fox Newsshowed up at a Milwaukee County De.. Read more

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When you really think about it, most of your favorite bands can probably be traced back to the members’ middle- or high-school days. There, in some finished basement or cul-de-sac garage, the pimpled rockers of tomorrow struggled through ba... Read more

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At Wednesday's Badger Men's Basketball game they honored the four Badger women who were on the US Women's Olympic hockey team that won the silver medal. Read more

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It figures that a power-pop band emerging from Madison nowadays would be on the more cerebral side of the usually lovey-dovey genre. That braininess constitutes a substantial portion of Sunshine for the Blind's appeal. With a balance of sno... Read more

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As the performing arts season enters its final few months, summer-based theatre companies begin to announce their schedules for upcoming shows. The Marcus Center recently announced its upcoming 3-show Vogel Hall Series. Not fitting into a particul.. Read more


To understand the philosophy of government that Dick Cheney brought to Washington over the Frost/Nixon ,News Features Read more

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Despite all the feigned out-rage fanned by the main stream media and the right-wing noisemakers, Wesley Clarkretired four star general, former supreme commander of NATO, wounded and highly decorated veteran of ground combat in Vietnam and a mil... Read more

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To say that the suicide of model Ruslana Korshunova has been sensationalized might be an understatement. Like soldiers on the battlefield, the model was given a posthumous field promotion to “supermodel” by many headlines. But while upping Korshun.. Read more

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Elvis Costello’s already enormous back catalog has just expanded.Although all of th Deluxe Edition ,CD Reviews Read more

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