In Amity and Prosperity, The New Yorker’s award-winning journalist Eliza Griswold examines the unexpected deleterious effects caused by the fracking industry on an economically depressed Pennsylvania town. Read more


Project Censored highlights the biggest news stories the corporate media ignored this year, including the true numbers of Americans shot by police, fracking details, corporate water grabbing, income inequality and Costa Rica’s surprising re... Read more

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Jesse Moss’ documentary, The Overnighters, is remarkable for casting light on the shadow side of North Dakota’s precarious fracking business. Read more

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Two months before my Colorado community was overwhelmed this week by epic rains, our state's chief oil and gas regulator, Matt Lepore, berated citizens concerned about the ecological impact of hydraulic fracturing and unbridled drilling. Du... Read more

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Despite its success in recent elections, and despite the image of unity it projects, the Democratic Party is in the throes of an epic identity crisis pitting its corporate money against its stated principles. The recent actions of two Read more

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