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News broke last week that Scott Walker’s former administrative director at the county, Cindy Archer, is moving up in the salary ranks at the state. Since Walker took more

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Well, at least one John Doe figure is no longer onthe public payroll. Brett Davis, Scott Walker’s preferred candidate forlieutenant governor, is leaving his position as the state’s Medicaid directoras of March 21 to work in the private sector.. more

Mar 12, 2014 8:24 PM Daily Dose

Reporters have just started digging through the 27,000 pages of documents released in the long-running John Doe investigation that yielded six convictions of Gov. Scott Walker’s county more

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I’m beginning to wonder if the job descriptions for countyworkers included the requirement that they had to be in touch with ScottWalker’s campaign aides at all times. Walker’s spokeswoman, Fran McLaughlin, was one of theconduits between the .. more

Feb 20, 2014 7:17 PM Daily Dose

In this week’sShepherd I wrote about Scott Walker’s inner circle of campaign and county aidesthat were working together to burnish his image (and do a lot of damagecontrol) while he ran for governor in 2010.In that article Ifocused mostly on.. more

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In the initial phases of the John Doe investigation, the public learned how then-Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s county aides worked on his gubernatorial campaign while working at more

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Scott Walker wasdefinitely aware that his campaign and county staffers were working together toshape his image as he ran for governor in 2010. During theindictments and prosecutions, we learned how clearly his county staffers weredoing polit.. more

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Take a look at this email from April 2010.<br /><br />Notice anything funny about it?<br /><br />County administration chief Cindy Archer sent a draft of a county budget listening session PowerPoint to her personal account a few days before Walker.. more

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The Milwaukee Admirals invite fans to bring a pair of skates to today’s 4 p.m. game against the Peoria Rivermen for a free family skate after the game, or even better, invite them to bring their dog. As part of the Pedigree Dog Day Afternoo... more

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Nina Simone was a bewitchingly powerful singer, infusing her material with emotional nuance as well as dusky drama. Record companies marketed her in the late 1950s as a jazz singer but as her new biography spells out, Simone never wanted to... more

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To wit: Ialready got a health bill this year for the full amount ($230.00) from aschedul 50-focking-dollars as co-pay ,Art for Art's Sake more

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Richard Nixon once appointed singer and actress Pearl Bailey, a Broadway staple, America’s “Ambassador of Love.” Though Bailey’s roots were in vaudeville, she was most famous for her roles in productions like Hello, Dolly! a,Today more

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 Entriesnot satisfying all the requirements of these Official Rules will beautomatically disqualified.  ,Contests more

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