Frances Myers

 The long awaited Southern Graphics Council InternationalPrint: MKE 2013 conference concluded last weekend, a highlight to the year's creative events. Over 2000 artists, educators,and supporters of printmakers flowed through the city’s streets.. Read more

Visual Arts

On a Saturday afternoon in June at Peltz Gallery, visitors examined the poster created by the late John Wilde and Warrington Colescott for a special celebration titled 150 Years of Wisconsin Art. The poster pays tribute to numerous artists.. Read more

Visual Arts

Co-Artistic Director Luc Vanier wants to fight thenotion that dances are choreographed by New Dancemakers: Insight ,Classical Music/Dance Read more

Classical Music

At the risk of sounding like a brainwashed acolyte of social networking sites, I recommend Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs ,Books Read more