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Jeff Meene has found a new angle on one of the most remarkable filmmakers of his era. In Francis Ford Coppola (published by University of Illinois Press), Meene identifies Coppola as an especially prominent manifestation of the post-industrial, ne.. more

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 Onetheme running through the text of The Godfather: The Official Motion PictureArchives (published by Insight Editions) is that nothing panned out asoriginally planned—and how may have been for the best. The Godfather's producers tappedover.. more

I Hate Hollywood

Italians, even if their ethnicity was seldom named, were an obvious presence in Hollywood gangster pictures from at least the 1920s. But how did Italian-American filmmakers respond to questions of ethnic stereotypes and identity in their work? U.. more

I Hate Hollywood

,Best of Milwaukee 2009 more

Best of Milwaukee 2009

Elvis Costello will be in Milwaukee next week for an anticipated show on the final night of Summerfest, but first his wife stops here for her own performance. Diana Krall, the popular adult-contemporary jazz singer and pianist, headlines an... more

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Family has always been a core value for Francis Ford Coppola and his family—his father as well as his children—has usually been part of his filmmaking. He met his wife Eleanor on the set of his first movie, Dementia 13 (1962), where she was ass.. more

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Through Thursday, March 20, the Times Cinema hosts screenings of this year’s Academ Taxi to the Dark Side ,Today in Milwaukee more

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