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Milwaukee’s Dead is Dead try to avoid overt politics, but their gloomy post-metal can’t help but speak to the times. They play Frank’s Power Plant on Friday, Oct. 21. more

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Milwaukee’s new punk supergroup Bad Grades joins Assault and Battery and Population Control at Frank’s Power Plant for a benefit concert taking place on Wednesday, Nov. 23. more

Local Music


Hellcat Amazons Comedy graphic

Hellcat Amazons. It’s the name of a collection of old pulp novel covers that was published a few years back. It’s also the name of an evening of comedy that suggests beauty and ferocity. A wise man once said that, “comedy is not pretty. x9.. more


Ruthie bemoans the stress of the holiday mall experience and plugs exciting alternatives such as the LGBT Community Center’s Out-n-About event at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater on Dec. 10, Women’s Voices Milwaukee’s “Our Christmas Albu”... more

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Dear Ruthie answers a question from a reader who fears he got an STD in Vegas and is afraid to admit to his partner he cheated. She also plugs exciting events including the Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival, Oct. 21-25; Horrifying HamBingo... more

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Cream City Cabaret mixes horror with burlesque next Monday as it presents Tassels of Terror Part II at the intimate space of Quarters Rock ’n Roll Palace. Guests this time around include Madison-area burlesque twins Cliona and Vaineas Nov.. more


With so much money funneled into the U.S. Military every year, it’s sad that US war veterans aren’t given more support once they’ve left active duty. It’s nice to see an arts group supporting veterans every now and then. Party-Girls Pin-Ups .. more


It’s with aheavy heart that I announce the Jazz Estate is putting a moratorium onlive music while undergoing personnel changes. The hiatus is of indefinitelength, but the bartender with whom I spoke sounded confident that concertswould .. more

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Dear Ruthie answers a question from a reader about watching porn in the context of a relationship and plugs exciting events including the Jan. 10 Girls Rock Fundraiser at Borg Ward and Jan. 13 LGBT Business Diversity Summit at Marquette Uni... more

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I love to dress up. (Can you tell?) I mean, who doesn’t like putting on a jazzy outfit now and then? Whether you like to don a sequin gown or snazzy suit; a ten-gallon more

Hear Me Out

By now the critics have spoken, and if you follow music closely, you’ve probably seen at least a dozen lists of the best albums of the year. Funny thing about critics, though: They tend to get things wrong. Returning after a short hiatus to a new .. more

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There's a new African-American performing arts group in town. The Bronzeville Arts Ensemble will be presenting its first event midway through August. Stage veteran Bill Jackson is involved with the project. I ran into him some time ago and recall .. more


For more than 20 years now, New Jersey punk stalwarts Electric Frankenstein have been tenaciously plying their trade, persevering through shifting trends, personnel shake-ups and label changes. They have remained resolutely underground... more

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Brewers GM Doug Melvin was named today as one this year's class to be inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.The other memebers of the class are Rusty Staub, Rheal Cornier and the 2011 Team Canada Senior National Team.The ceremony will .. more

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 Wisconsin Hybrid Theatre does exceedingly good work in out of the way places. Not exactly a noted venue for comic theatre, Frank’s Power Plant is, nevertheless, a fun little bar in Bay View. And so why not have a fun, little comedy there for Va.. more


The title, Road, Movie, plays on a genre that has become one of Hollywood's most cliché-driven product lines. Fortunately, the film by Dev Bengal is a road picture of superior horsepower and a kind of Cinema Paradiso on wheels. Beautifully f.. more

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“It’s not easy being green,” Kermit the frog once lamented, but many Kermit’s cousins don’t face those difficulties since frogs come in a wide variety of colors beyond just green, including vivid blues, deep reds and all shad more

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“Eat Local” doesn’t just pertain to home cooking. It also means taking your appetite to locally owned restaurants that use ingredients from local artisans, farmers and producers. So don’t despair if you don’t know your way around a garden, grocer.. more

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In March, Sandy and Angie D’Amato, owners of the famed Sanford restaurant, sold Coquette Café to Chris Hatleli and Nick Burki, the duo known best as the co-founders of The Social. Their purchase of Coquette is a homecoming of sorts, as they ... more

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