Frank Zeidler


Photo credit: Milwaukee Public Library

It’s as American as apple pie to elect a bright, new generation of self-proclaimed democratic socialists. They’re fighting to preserve the American ideal of sharing the economic benefits of democracy with everyone, not just the wealthy. Read more

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Milwaukee’s public broadcasting stations respond to changing times and threatened budgets with ingenuity and courage. Read more

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The mayorship of socialist Frank Zeidler (1948 to 1960) canbe all too easily taken as a sign of Milwaukee being a kind of post-war liberalMecca. The truth behind Zeidler’s reign, of course, is much more complicated.Indeed, Milwaukee’s hist.. Read more

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Off the Cuff with Brett Kemnitz of The Coffee House, an organization that, since 1967, has been a nucleus of social activism and a performance space for acoustic musicians and poets. Read more

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We have to keep electing dangerous, left-wing, radical, alien socialists like, say, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and any other Democrat who has the crazy idea American democracy should be a government of the people, by the people and for... Read more

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A self-described “re-imagined alcoholic” of five years and no stranger to despair, 49-year-old Mark Tuschel is examining sobriety and articulating his insights. The thesis of his successful book Living Sober Sucks is that “living drunk s Read more

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