Mulligan’s is a safe value when it comes to entertainment and quality food, with a wide variety of menu items and an emphasis on Irish-themed dishes. Read more

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“If this is what an officer did during a role play, what are they like on the street?” wondered Mary Neubauer, who was injured during a crisis intervention training session in West Allis. Read more

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Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Dennis Moroney, a conservative judge, recently ordered state officials to ignore local residency laws to find a home for Joe Wofford Jr., a convicted sex offender who has been held for “treatment” for 19 ye... Read more

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The campaign against Wisconsin’s John Doe criminal probe is being led by groups bankrolled in part by the Milwaukee-based Bradley Foundation, which has $600 Read more

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State SenatePresident Mike Ellis is probably regretting having a few drinks with a palrecently at Inn on the Park—the friend had a hidden camera that was recordingevery boast Ellis made.“I don’t need to kissanybody’s ass,” Ellis says on the.. Read more

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Nearing 60 years of operation, Franklin’s Casa Di Giorgio (3137 W. Rawson Ave.) has expanded its menu from regional Italian specialty pizzas and added elegance to its environs. Beyond the array of savory pizza pies (the cheese variety is a ... Read more

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Residents of Oak Creek, South Milwaukee and a portion of Franklin have a clear choice in the Tuesday, Nov. 19, special election for Assembly District 21. Elizabeth Coppola has earned your Read more

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The south side of Milwaukee County will elect two new state representatives this year, thanks to the midterm resignations of state Rep. Mark Honadel (R-South Milwaukee) Read more

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Remember the days when neighborhood movie houses were an integral part of many residential areas of the city? These mostly small theaters boasted a single screen and double features and attracted big crowds almost every Read more

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Most people know the small community of St. Martins for its street fairs. Others know it as the location of Wegner’s St. Martins Inn, located in the heart of the village (11318 W. St. Martins Road, Franklin). Wegner’s St. Martins Inn... Read more

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Ray's Wine and Spirits, Wauwatosa

Buying beer can be as easy as stopping at a convenience store or your local grocery shop. But if you have a discerning palate and an adventurous taste for beer, you are likely looking to take the time to find a shop that... Read more


The days are getting shorter. Cooler temperatures are sneaking in. School has started. Colors are changing. Halloween costumes are being considered. As much as some of us try to deny it, this can only mean... Read more


Walls of concrete block painted in a gold tone don’t make for an overly impressive exterior, but a large awning that marks the entrance to Casa Di Giorgio hints at the promise waiting inside. Indeed, the interior is another matter altogethe... Read more

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The Irish pub format—a bar with lots of shamrock decorations and a menu featuring a few Irish specialties—has become increasingly popular worldwide. I have visited Irish pubs in places as varied as Thailand, Peru and Bulgaria. Last summer a... Read more

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Local author Doug Schmidt recounts the story in Franklin, the latest book on the Milwaukee Franklin ,Books Read more


Ifthe Hideaway Pub and Eatery was located a little closer to downtownMilwaukee, the habitual winners of the city’,Eat/Drink Read more

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One of my all-time favorite You Tube's - a history of awful draft picks by the New York Jets Read more

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Republican Congressman Paul Ryan may feel that his southern Wisconsin district is safe. Shepherd’s ,News Features Read more

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