Franz Ferdinand

Looking to move beyond “Take Me Out,” Franz Ferdinand took inspiration from Greek composer Yiannis Markopoulos on their latest record. Read more

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There's a point where rock subgenres such as indie, garage and punk coalesce into something musicians can call their own. New Berlin quartet Outliers takes from all of the above on the band's second album, Neon Leon, and delivers music... Read more

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It was the right album at the right time. In 2004, at the height of the post-punk/’80s-pop/dance-rock revivals, Scots Franz Ferdinand released their self-titled debut album, an instant hit thanks to the ubiquitous single “Take Me Out.” A Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Fresh from a new album, Tonight, that recaptures much of the hooky, herky-jerk charm of their 2004 debut album, popular Scottish exports (and sartorial icons) Franz Ferdinand have planned a Milwaukee stop on their upcoming American tour. They'll b.. Read more

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  Jesus Christ Superstar was a first at many levels when itdebuted   Jesus Christ Superstar ,Theater Read more

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