Free Lunch

The NBA has threatened to remove the Bucks franchise from Milwaukee if a new arena is not under construction by 2017. To finance this project, some have proposed using Wisconsin income tax money paid by all professional basketball players w... Read more

Issue of the Week 8 Comments

Until his fundamental dishonesty was exposed in a national campaign, Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan had an undeserved reputation among gullible members of the media as a bright, young Read more

Taking Liberties

Summer can be less than great for those who are forced to spendthe days in Milwaukee’s concrete jungle. Constant construction makes thecommute long and frustrating, and who wants to wear a suit with a heat index inthe triple digits? But employe.. Read more

Around MKE

A cover bands have taken on a more arduous task than Gende’s Giant, an Illinois group that has dedicated itself to the songbook for Gentle Giant, who wrote arguably some of the most difficult progressive rock songs of the 1970s, fusing hard... Read more

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