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It’s always interesting what you run into on the bus. People unfamiliar with the county bus system and particularly those in favor of cutting funding to it are missing out on a really interesting social venue. You get on the bus and pay your two d.. Read more


When they announced a few weeks ago that Braun would be on the cover, this isn't what I expected, but it's still pretty cool. Go pick one up RIGHT NOW! (Thanks to Ladies... for the pics) Read more

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Daniel Amen, M.D., provided the following interview in his newsletter. I know increasing my omega-3s helped get me off antidepressants, so I'd like to encourage others to give it a try for depression or anger issues.  Newsletter/Interview:   B.. Read more

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The Rep’s new production of Enchanted April isnot the gossamer offering the title i Enchanted April ,Theater Read more


TASTE OF THAI 315 E. Wisconsin Ave. Enchanted April ,Dining Out Read more

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Withthesixth-annual WMSE Rockabilly Chili Contest just two weeks away, we mustask oursel Chili From the Southwest: Fixin’s, Flavors, and Folklore, ,Eat/Drink Read more

Dining Preview

Here’s agreat getaway idea: Buy a 20-year-old $400 Volkswagen with 98,00 Enchanted April ,Traveling Shepherd Read more

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