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Thelonious Monk’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses was recorded for the 1960 French film of that name and somehow slipped through the cracks of history. Monk was at a peak during the session, conjuring memories of the blues and turning jazz into Cu... more

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Amour opens as firemen force the door of a once-elegant Paris apartment, covering their noses against the smell of death. They find one of the occupants, the octogenarian Anne, laid out on her bed, hands folded peacefully more

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Angelique, a panic attack always waiting to happen, practices self-confidence in the window glass on her way to her job interview at the chocolate factory. Jean-Rene, the family-owned firm's director, conceals his panic under a placid mask of auth.. more

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Restarting her career as a physiotherapist isn’t good enough for bored stay-at-home mom Suzanne (Kristin Scott Thomas). Her eyes reveal an empty, irritable disconnect between herself and her husband, their beautiful home and sometimes apathetic.. more

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Last call for baseball: The Milwaukee Brewers play their final home game of the series this afternoon, before hitting the road to finish off the season with away games against the Rockies and the Cardinals.,Today in Milwaukee more

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He was born on Aug. 15, 1922, in Berlin, a precocious child who soon showed an interest in Exeunt ,A&E Feature more

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Frank Martin just can't spend a quiet evening at home. In Transporter 3, he's ready to rel Transporter 3 ,Film more

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Last night I was offered free tickets to the Bucks/Heat game and my instinct said not to waste my time. Parking was free, too and I had to drop my mom off downtown at around the same time as the game, so we decided to suck it up and go watch 2 rea.. more

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Corpora Luminum: The Body in New French Experimental Cinema ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The UWM Union Theatre’s ongoing 2008 Festival of Films in French isn’t all gl Wesh, Wesh, What’s Going On? ,Today in Milwaukee more

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In 1967, French icon Catherine Deneuve starred in a sensational drama called Belle de Jou Belle de Jour ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The UWM Union Theatre kicks off its 2008 Festival of Films in French with two Milwaukee p Maurice Richard ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Robert Bresson was among the most distinctive 20th century French directors, a filmmaker following his own course apart from any wave, old or new. In Robert Bresson: A Passion for Film (published by Oxford University Press), Tony Pipolo describe.. more

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