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Former Fresh Cut Collective rapper Blax talks about his new record, Milwaukee’s reenergized rap scene, and teaming up with Coo Coo Cal. Read more

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Greg Andrews, Flickr CC

The Dude is coming back to Milwaukee as we get ready foranother Lewbowski Fest. The 2 day festival will be held at Cathedral Square downtownon Friday, August 21st and will continue at JB's on 41 Bowling Center on Saturday the 22nd.Friday’s Mo.. Read more

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Lorde Fredd33 isn’t the kind of rapper to write rhymes down. He prefers to work by impulse. Read more

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Slow Walker / Via Facebook

Two high-energy rock bands and a Fresh Cut-affiliated rapper contributed to the Arte Para Todos festival’s inspired lineup. Read more

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Rae Bu

Lex Allen’s debut Anonymous Vibes fell under the radar when it was first released early last year, which was a shame if not a surprise, given that it was a posh, contemporary soul album in a city where there isn’t a huge market for that kind of th.. Read more

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We’re nine days away from Christmas and Greater Milwaukeecontinues to dazzle with a variety of events, get-togethers and holiday cheer.Here’s what’s happening this weekend!Friday, Dec. 19pabstmansion.comTwilight Tour at the Pabst MansionSp.. Read more

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Your Mother Dances / Via Facebook

After a two-year hiatus, Your Mother Dances (YMD) is holding a hot fundraising burlesque party to help produce their upcoming May show, Back in Black (and purple) . The cabaret-style Burlesque Blowout! , scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 13 from 8-10 p.. Read more

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Wisconsin State Fair

Poster art is anunderappreciated category - perhaps because the conveyance of informationtrumps and restricts the autonomy of the artist. Nevertheless, the works ofToulouse-Lautrec and the concert posters of the 1960s demonstrate the aesthetic.. Read more

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In Influenced, we talk to Milwaukee musicians about the artists that shaped and inspired them, both as performers and listeners.If you’ve been paying attention at all to Milwaukee music for the las,Music Feature Read more

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Milwaukee-born satirist Will Durst has weighed in on the fractured state of the country for The New York Times, NPR and CNN, though his soapbox of choice is the Internet, where he posts regular commentary to Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

The knock against French alternative rockers is that they essentially write the same song over and over again. That criticism is more or less fair, but man, the songs “Lisztomania” and “1901” from 2009’s sterling Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

With age and experience, bands learn all sorts of hard lessons, but one of the hardest to grasp is also seemingly one of the most basic: Don’t take yourselves too seriously Read more

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Fresh Cut Collective took their time when they began recording their new album last fall, precisely tracking... Read more

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It's not entirely clear what the annual South By Southwest music festival accomplishes anymore. Once an industry shindig where buzz bands played in hopes of landing a record deal, the four-day event (10 days, counting the film and interacti... Read more

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Windfall Theatre is looking to cast for a dinner party. The party in question is called Omnium Gatherum. It was written several years ago by Theresa Rebeck and Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros. The premise is simple: a hostess/domestic tycoon in the.. Read more


Live hip-hop bands tend to fall back on bland, anonymous grooves, as the actual music takes a backseat to the raps, but Milwaukee’s Fresh Cut Collective escapes this trap, giving the six players who back rapper Adebisi plenty to do. Read more

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Only in Wisconsin would it be controversial for the state department charged with protecting wildlife to collaborate with a private organization that cares about animals.As we watch in horror as birds and reptiles get slimed with toxic gunk... Read more

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Live hip-hop bands tend to fall back on bland, anonymous grooves, as the actual music takes a backseat to the raps, but Milwaukee’s Fresh Cut Collective escapes this trap, giving the six players who back rapper Adebisi plenty to do. With Read more

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With his 1996 debut Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite, Maxwell helped establish mellow, groove-based neo-soul as a commercially viable alternative to the more dance-based R&B of the time, but after his 2001 album, Now, he willfully retreated from ... Read more

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Fresh Cut Collective, comprised of seven artists with extensive histories with other Milwaukee bands, play music live that otherwise would be presented using either pre-recorded sounds or a combination of that and, say, a couple of live pla... Read more

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