Frightened Rabbit W/ Maps & Atla

Two UWM film department graduates are making a feature film—and they need our help. Martin Kaszubowski and Scott Cary are directing Christopher Darling, a film about an indie rock star as he “descends into boredom-fueled hedonism” while on tour.. more

I Hate Hollywood

In 2007, an emerging indie-rock band from Scotland named Frightened Rabbit took the stage at the Pabst Theater, hoping to find a few fans as they opened for Pinback. Sunday night the band returned, having earned the audience to headline the... more

Concert Reviews

Scott Hutchison’s unique, Scottish-accented voice has pushed Frightened Rabbit into the indie-rock limelight since the band’s 2003 formation. Hutchison began Frightened Rabbit as a solo project, to which he eventually added his brother more

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