As the summer winds down, outdoor theater begins to gradually migrate off various stages and spaces. It’s been a fun year for outdoor Shakespeare in various corners of the state. This coming weekend Milwaukee Fringe Festival presents one of .. Read more


They may be from the distant indie-rock stronghold of Athens, Ga., but the six young men of Futurebirds made themselves right at home in Milwaukee Thursday night, winning over a sparse Cactus Club,Concert Reviews Read more

Concert Reviews

Much like the blues, country music often takes on a curiously monolithic character in many people’s minds. It’s so ingrained in our national psyche, its rhythms and melodies so familiar, that the genre’s subtleties and sometimes strange Read more

Concert Reviews

Daytrotter today posted a particularly well-timed session (or well-timed for Milwaukeeans, at least) from the Athens, Ga., group The Futurebirds, whose brisk grunge-rock jangles and twangs as if J. Mascis and Neil Young had sat in on R.E.M.'s afte.. Read more

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One of Francois Truffaut’s most uplifting films—and also one of the director’s finest turns in front of the camera—The Wild Child brings humanity to a true story that’s been told (and exaggerated) countless times befor,Today Read more

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