Nina Sky - The Other Side (stream or download) The identical twin dance-pop duo Nina Sky scored a briefly inescapable hit with 2004's "Move Ya Body," a post-Neptunes re-imagining of Caribbean club music, but their attempts to release new music h.. Read more

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DanceCircus’ latest program, “Mud, Sweat and Tears: Voices from the Field,” pays homage to the planet not only through the movement of dance but also through poetry, live Brazilian music, capoeira and, in one piece, Aldo Leopold’s Read more

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Despite his modest talents, I've long had a soft-spot for The Game and his stubborn adherence to the increasingly antiquated conventions of '90s gangsta rap. At a time when even 50 Cent, once viewed as the possible savior of West Coast gangsta rap.. Read more

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The organizers of PrideFest have long strived to book entertainment with appeal beyond th Pocketful of Sunshine ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The often-tense historical relationship between Catholics and Jews is explored in the doc Constantine’s Sword ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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For more than three decades, Garrison Keillor has played ringmaster to “A Prairie Home Companion,” a live radio broadcast built around the eclectic characters of fictional Lake Wobegon, Minn. T,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Atthis point it’s fair to recognize songwriter Mike Jarvis as an elder statesmanof Cathedral Square Park ,Local Music Read more

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Whilemany of their indie-rock contemporaries remain mired in gloom and doom, TheHold Ste TheFirst ,Concert Reviews Read more

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Jay-Zhad it easy. He faced few restrictions in his quest for money and stardom.Unapologe Eardrum ,Music Feature Read more

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Still running strong after 20 years off Broadway, the participatory comedy Tony N Tina&rs Tony N Tina’s Wedding ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Twenty of Milwaukee’s finest restaurants lend their cuisine to the Taste of Milwauk literal ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Readers of his long-running column in Wisconsin Golfer magazine know that Dennis McCann i Wisconsin Golfer ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Throughout theweekend, the UWM Union Theatre screens two of the greatest films fromone o King Corn ,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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