Ganymede Ensemble

Hart Park has a relaxed and sleepy spaciousness about it. The sun hangs low in the sky outside the stage of the Rotary Pavilion. Various gnomes in long, white beards and pointy, red hats mill about the area in anticipation of The Ganymede Ense.. more


With the weather generally getting favorable outside, outdoor Shakespeare is in full swing for the season. There was a production brought to Lake Park last weekend already.  classical theatre troupe comprised solely of women, The Ganymede En.. more


"For never was a story of more woe than this of Madeline and her Andrea." (Or words to that effect.)It’s recently been announced that this coming September, The Ganymede Ensemble will be staging a free outdoor production of Shakespeare’s R.. more


If John Coltrane is the leading voice in jazz, then John McLaughlin is part of a large chorus of musicians singing his praises through emulation and homage. But the English-born jazz-fusion guitarist, who leapt on to the scene in the 1970s ... more

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When David Winkelman, 48, was arrested on a misdemeanor warrant in Davenport, Iowa, in September, he was still sporting "The Tattoo." In late 2000, Winkelman, reacting to a radio "contest," had his forehead inked with the logo of radio more

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