The genre-busting “Americana from the wrong side of the tracks” party-band Southern Culture on the Skids plays at The Back Room @ Colectivo on July 11. Read more

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Fifty years after its original release, New York’s Sundazed Records has reissued the Milwaukee band’s self-titled album, which holds up solidly as a bridge from the clamor of mid-decade garage punk to the psychedelia that would follow. Read more

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The Grateful Dead’s eponymous debut, released half a century ago, was a good first effort from a band that was little known outside its hometown of San Francisco. The Grateful Dead: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition includes that LP plus a se... Read more

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Japan’s legendary leather-jacketed rockers Guitar Wolf led a night of international rock ’n’ roll at the Cactus Club. Read more

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If The Strokes had never lost interest in being The Strokes, they might sound like The Living Statues, a Milwaukee garage-pop quartet that seems to grow tighter and hookier with each new track. The group's latest is no exception to that trend. "Va.. Read more

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Mike Krol describes the garage rock on his debut for Merge Records as “really raw and very spur of the moment.” Read more

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Milwaukee garage-rockers The Rashita Joneses plan to keep the music coming after making their recorded debut this spring. Read more

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Garage-rock true believers Lyres skipped a setlist altogether during their energetic, off-the-cuff performance. Read more

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Being the best holiday, Halloween often presents discerning concertgoers with some challenging decisions. Read more

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It was an evening in two acts at the Cactus Club on Saturday night. With four bands on the bill, there was a clear divide in crowd attention, though not in musical quality. As the premiere show for,Concert Reviews Read more

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The extent to which the garage-rock revival of the early aughts was in fact a thing, a genuine resurgence of the tried and true sound as opposed to something dreamt up by a bored and opportunist roc,Concert Reviews Read more

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For Wisconsin, the cold, damp spring we’ve all been suffering through this year is by no means that unusual, but psychologically speaking, the pleasant weather over the weekend seemed to shake Milwaukeeans out of an Read more

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Friday’s Linneman’s lineup was a statewide affair, featuring bands from Milwaukee, Madison and Green Bay, all linked by the ubiquitous Bobby Hussy and his label Kind Turkey. And while I had come,Concert Reviews Read more

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By most accounts the most influential indie-rock band of the 1990s, Pavement built on the groundwork laid by ’80s underground rock and turned it into something even better: skewed but immediate guitar-pop that spoke to the Read more

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