Garbage Fyre Festival


The Garbage Fyre Festival is the week long hate fest put on by OPERATION SAVE AMERICA (OSA). OSA is invading Milwaukee July 13-20, 2019. A week of action and counter protests is being led by Abortion Access Front, a nonprofit organization made up of comedians, writers and activists who use humor to de-stigmatize abortion and expose the extremists working to destroy access to reproductive health care in the U.S.

Each July, hundreds of OSA members from around the country gather in a specific city to spend a week disrupting a community with massive public parades and rallies promoting their anti-choice, anti LGBTQ, and anti-immigrant messages. Their vile imagery and chants of intolerance have inspired progressive activists from Wisconsin and around the country to gather and counter their bigotry and misogyny. Through direct actions, comedy and burlesque shows, the Garbage Fyre Fighters want to put out the Garbage Fyre with messages of love and inclusion.

This month: Martin Luther King Drive and the Garbage Fyre Festival, plus interviews with the Lynden Sculpture Garden’s Polly Morris, Milwaukee Comedy’s Matt Kemple and Amy Brinkman of Danceworks. Read more

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Pro-choice activists drowned out the anti-choice, anti-women, anti-LGBTQ members of a hate group in Milwaukee and Madison last week. Read more

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Around 20 pro-choice protesters with the Garbage Fyre Festival held “Honk for Choice” signs on the east side Tuesday, just blocks from a pro-life rally located near the corner of an abortion service center. Read more

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As a large anti-abortion rally comes to the city from July 13-20, the Garbage Fyre Festival is making sure they are met with some opposition. Read more

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