FromStonewall Rebellion to the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic, the latter part ofthe last century was a very explosive and dramatic time for a large, tragicallyshadowed portion of the culture. At the end of this month in conjunction withWorld A.. Read more


Twin Cities producer Ryan Olson was one of the driving creative forces behind Gayngs, the sprawling 25-member soft-rock collective that included members of The Rosebuds, Megafaun and Bon Iver. His Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Getting hitched to a band mate unquestionably has its advantages. For one, spending time together on tour is better than being apart for weeks at a time. Plus, it's an easy talking point for interviewers, allowing them to dig deeper into a ... Read more

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Prom Night. Some aim to forget. Some aim to re-live. It’s apparent that last Friday evening at First Avenue in Minneapolis that prom night is an even to not only be relived for some, but an event to be reconfigured. “The Last Prom On Earth&... Read more

Concert Reviews

Has there ever been a supergroup whose lineup was less suggestive of how their music actually sounded than Gayngs, the 25-member-plus collaboration uniting players from the Twin Cities, Eau Claire and Raleigh music scenes? Among the players are Bo.. Read more

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Jagjaguwar Records, already home to two of singer-songwriter Justin Vernon's projects, Bon Iver and Volcano Choir, announced today a release by a new supergroup featuring Vernon: Gayngs. The lineup is spectacular and a little bizarre, featuring me.. Read more

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