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It shouldn't be too surprising that Nas' untitled/N-word album has proved polarizing, but still, it's worth noting just how far over the map these reviews reach. HipHopSite, a reliable but often underrated source for rap opinions, crowned it with .. Read more

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If you have heard about this Barack Obama fellow, it might be because the news talks about him a whole lot. National network news gave him 166 minutes of coverage in the first seven weeks after the primary, more than double John McCain’s 67 minute.. Read more

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Face-painted, rappers more than a little indebted to the Insane Clown Posse, the Michigan Workingman’s Death ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Soprano Kathleen Battle earned great critical acclaim for her high voice and impeccable t Veneer, ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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The title of Michael Glawogger’s chilling 2005 documentary Workingman’s Death Workingman’s Death ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Themunificent title of Tod Wodicka’s debut novel, All Shall Be Well and All S All Shall Be Well and All Shall Be Well, and All manner of Things ShallBe Well ,Authors' Voices (Online Exclusive) Read more


Christopher Dodd Website: Chris Dodd Blog: Chris' Blog Video: chiquangue ,Elections Read more

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Brewers get Gagne December 09, 2007 | 05:46 PM I'll be the first to say I didn't see this one coming. Apparently Doug Melvin knows how to wait it out, because the Eric Gagne talk had all but disappeared here in Milwaukee as there were.. Read more

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