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Reviews of recent DVD and Blu-ray releases, including “Hee Haw: Pfft! You Was Gone!," Paul Simon, The Concert in Hyde Park and Alone in Berlin. Read more

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There’s perhaps another club or two that can claim to be as dark and musty, but Sunday night John C. Reilly and his bluegrass band performed at the only venue in the city that boasts its own hous,Concert Reviews Read more

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Yesterday's leaked audio of Christian Bale freaking out on a crew member on the set of Terminator 4 has already spawned innumerable parodies, spoofs and skits—"Kramp & Adler" did a pretty decent one this morning—but I'm most amazed by the Mae Shi'.. Read more

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  Thebooklet accompanying the new George Jones box set notes that during his threey The Hits…Then ’Til Now ,CD Reviews Read more

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