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Nostalgia for pre-Beatles youth culture was a consistent theme through 1970s pop culture. In movie terms, what resulted was a batch of one-note forgettables and a pair of superb films,Home Movies / Out On Digital more

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The hype surrounding Episode VII of the Star Wars saga is deafening and the enthusiasm is genuine, the anticipation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens dwarfing even the films of the Harry Potter franchise. But the good news is that Writer-Dir... more

Dec 22, 2015 7:35 PM Film Reviews

Strange Magic, advertised as being “From the mind of George Lucas,” raises the question, “What is Lucas drinking these days?” Supposedly inspired by the Bard’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the film features an array of pop songs spannin... more

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 A newcoffee table book, Star Wars Art: Concepts (published by Abrams), shows that many familiarimages from the franchise took life as pen and magic marker drawings (andlater, on digital programs). The wrinkled, long-eared visag.. more

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 Thetitle of the book is misleading. Homer Simpson Ponders Politics (UniversityPress of Kentucky) isn’t about the world according to Matt Groening, but rangeswidely, hooking-up particular films, television shows, graphic novels andgenr.. more

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 Theword “film” will probably survive to describe a particular form of motionpicture, but the physical medium of celluloid film is going the way ofhand-illuminated parchment after Gutenberg. Whether that’s progress or abackward step is an i.. more

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<p> Watching the 35th anniversary edition of Ralph Bakshi's <em>Wizards</em> on Blu-ray is like peering into a time capsule of an era long gone. The animated feature was considered a technical achievement in 1977a mind blower (especially if you .. more

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George Lucas changed the direction of Hollywood with Star Wars by helping set the bar for blockbusters to come. But Star Wars was more than a phenomenally successful movie. It was a social phenomenon. According to fans interviewed for the thoug.. more

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Every mastermind grew up admiring a mastermind. For J.J. Abrams, who conceived the convolutions of the culty “Lost” series and revived Star Trek for the 21st century, Steven Spielberg was the model mastermind, a director who found the un... more

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Darius Rucker’s exaggerated, from-the-belly bellow made Hootie and the Blowfish’s adult-alternative-friendly roots-rock fun for even the band’s biggest detractors to sing along with, and Rucker hasn’t much tempered that croon since more

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Melissa Czarnik's first forays with rap were freestyling at high school and college parties, where she'd sometimes do battle with unwitting male opponents when one of their boasts struck her as overly misogynistic, but these days Czarnik's ... more

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Over the next threemonths, the Wisconsin Legislature and governor will try to enact the C ShepherdExpress ,Expresso more

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Best known as a painter of Campbell’s Soup cans and celebrity portraits almost 50 years ago, Andy Warhol and his work seem innocuous nowadays. His iconographic language has become so integrated into contemporary America’s visual landscape t... more

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It’s one of the world’s most scenic races in the world: The Dakar Rally, an annual two-week, off-road endurance race from France to Senegal. It’s also one of the world’s most dangerous races, linked to over 45 deaths in the last 30 more

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"Figurative Prints," curated by Brooke Mulvaney, the MAM's collections manager o Men in the Cities ,Art more

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