New book uncovers the links between Martin Heidegger and Nazism. Read more

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Munich 1919, the first publication of diarist Victor Klemperer’s recollections of 1918-1919, provides a wealth of detail and sharp-eyed observations on a short phase of time little understood but formative for the terrible history to come. Read more


In 1916, Milwaukee could havebeen mistaken for an outpost of German Mittel Europa in the American Midwest.But once war was declared in 1917, Milwaukee’s German culture began to meltaway.Kevin J. Abing from theMilwaukee County Historical.. Read more

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The story of Poland’s rebirth as an independent nation gets a close examination in Robert Blobaum’s A Minor Apocalypse: Warsaw During the First World War. Read more


Uzelli Psychedelic Anadolu is a collection culled from the vast catalog of a label that released Turkish language recordings sold largely in ethnic grocery stores. As for the psychedelic connection, all tracks were psychedelic in the way of... Read more

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In 897 C.E. the corpse of the recently deceased Pope Formosus was unearthed, propped on a throne and tried for heresy in Rome. The motives had less to do with theology than naked secular politics, writes Paul Collins as he Read more


Indebted America is in danger of turning into destitute Greece, or so congressional Republicans and conservative commentators have been warning us for years now. For many reasons, this is an absurd comparison—but it may Read more

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The German army is in full retreat, with the Russians closing in on Berlin. In Milwaukee author John C. David’s page-turning novel The Painter’s Stone, German soldier Paul Behring is horrified by what he has seen at Auschwitz Read more


In the preface to his Army of Evil: A History of the SS (NAL Caliber), Adrian Weale points out that there seems “to be an increasing disconnection between what the organization was and how it is now portrayed Read more


Years ago, when my then-girlfriend saw me reading yet another Joyce Carol Oates book, she fretted, “But she's so dark!”“Hardly,” I countered... Read more


Bosnia was long a collision point of cultures, and Berlin is a continental crossroads. Bosnian mix-master Robert Soko lives in the German capital, where he fills the clubs with a wonderful montage of pan-European dance music... Read more

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Grete Marks is a name sharp and to the point, as sleek and no-nonsense as the huge photograph of her at the Milwaukee Art Museum exhibition “Grete Marks: When Modern Was Degenerate” (through Jan. 1, 2013)... Read more

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Born in a German basement during an air raid in 1942, artist Derk Hansen later immigrated to America. His art has evolved from his diverse life experiences: window stylist, art restorer, art gallery owner, photographer... Read more

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With its established arts industry, buzzing nightlife and cosmopolitan character, Berlin has built a reputation... Read more

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Mild-mannered Heinrich Himmler wasn't the architect of the Holocaust and other acts of mass murder by the Nazi Germans, but he was the principal engineer and chief operating officer of a terror machine. Peter Longerich's massively detailed ... Read more


Milwaukee Ballet Artistic Director Michael Pink has often said that the company's winter and spring programs of contemporary one-act ballets are designed to provide the dancers with exciting challenges. Freed to be themselves... Read more

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“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” For this reason and others, readers continue to seek out books recounting tales from Nazi Germany's mass extermination of Jews, the Romani (gypsies), homosexuals and other ... Read more


The US Women's National Team played a World Cup game today near Heidelberg, Germany. That also happens to be pretty near Rammstein US military base. And it's 4th of July weekend.So after their first goal, the 11 starters stood shoulder-to-shoulde.. Read more

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Known best for her stint on Bravo’s series “The Real Housewives of New York City,” health-conscious housewife Bethenny Frankel will take the Pabst Theater stage to speak on the rites of motherhood and marriage, share diet advice and Read more

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