Ghost Tour

It’s a clever idea. Let’s say Sleeping Beauty’s enchanted slumber was a bit more intermittent. What could be worse than entering a magical, indefinite slumber? Periodically waking-up from it would be vastly worse. Jason Powell explores the ide.. more


Whenthe father of current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, Kim Jong-il, decidedto upgrade his country’s film industry, he decided to recruit the best. But ratherthan place an ad in the trade papers or invite prospects for .. more

I Hate Hollywood

Marcee Doherty-Elst and Kelly Doherty are very busy people. Recently they wrapped-up a very satisfying production of Bachelorette at the Alchemist Theatre. The show was produced for Doherty-Elst’s Theater RED. This coming month, the two talent.. more


Want to hear about the ghostly altar boy that haunts St. John's? What about phantom bodies washing ashore on Bradford Beach? And is Frederick Pabst's spirit ignoring the smoking ban, puffing on an ethereal cigar in his beloved theater? more

Off the Cuff

On their second Katrina-anniversary-timed album in four years, last year’s Flower Petals , New Orleans’ R&B-tinged roots-rockers The Subdudes continue to explore a water-themed, working-class-sympathetic, minimal-pop take on their more

Today in Milwaukee

Affirming Victor DeLorenzo’s status as perhaps the most musically adventurous of all the Violent Femmes, the drummer’s new project, Prestige Atlantic Impulse, is an experimental jazz trio worlds removed from the Femmes’ signature folk-pu more

Today in Milwaukee