Gil Scott-Heron

This list was inspired by one posted on aVillage Voice blog last year. While perusing that list, I was struck by howtired all the choices seemed. Sure, a lot of their picks are really pretty sad (JoyDivision, Elliott Smith, Billie Holiday), but.. more

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 King of Comedy was always my favoriteMartin Scorsese film and watching the new Blu-ray release reminds me of why.The story is rooted in its time yet oddly prophetic, the characters arestriking and the cast is remarkably out.. more

I Hate Hollywood

After more than a decade of playing together, vocalist Carole Ferrara and guitarist John Plankenhorn have honed a thoughtful blend of blues, jazz and soft pop. Last year their group electri-violet released a self-titled debut album more

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Chicago-born, Tennessee-raised, New York-schooled Gil Scott-Heron has made a career out of a decades-long fusion between poetry, literature, spoken-word jazz, old soul, slick R&B and a kind of precursory hip-hop. Simply, the man is an amalg... more

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