Giraffe On Fire

Bathing its audiences in rich colors, entrancing choreography and artful exhibitionism, Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s Giraffe on Fire is an unforgettably outré theatrical experience based on the life and works of Spanish Surrealis... Read more


With Giraffe on Fire, Quasimondo Theatre’s Brian Rott and Jenni Reinke have created a performance described as a “stream-of-consciousness quest to find meaning in the surreal” framed in the mind and works of Salvador Dalí. Read more



Artwork by Chase Vreeland

My understanding is that Chupa Chups lollipops have not changed their logo in over 40 years. Though it’s not alone, one doesn’t normally find that kind of longevity in a piece of commercial art. Of course, if Salvador Dali designs your logo, you m.. Read more


Five years ago, the notion of striking out into the music industry as a full-time group had never crossed the minds of singer Patrick Hoctor and the other members of Milwaukee band Sulek. They were too busy having fun tossing song ideas to ... Read more

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